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TREASURE 2024 Welcoming Collection

TREASURE 2024 Welcoming Collection

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TREASURE 2024 Welcoming Collection

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Contents & Inclusions

  • 1 Desk Calendar
  • 1 Photo Book (192 pages)
  • 1 Pilot Diary (44 pages)
  • 1 File Folder
  • 1 Folded 1 Year Poster Calendar
  • 1 ID Photo Film
  • 2 Clear Stickers
  • 10 Photo Cards (random out of 40 types)
  • 10 Selfie Photo Cards (random out of 60 types)

TREASURE 2024 WELCOMING COLLECTION, filled with the different charms of each member, includes a 192P photo book, desk calendar, annual poster calendar, ID photo film, random photo card set, random selfie photo card set, random Polaroid, etc., as well as a pilot drawn and written by the members. It includes a diary, random fortune photo card, and transparent sticker set to add richness.

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