Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our customer service team here if you need any help.


General FAQ

Are your items official?

Yes. All items that we stock here at SOKOLLAB are official. They are directly sourced from Korea and go through official channels to get to us.


Do you sell counterfeit merchandise?

SOKOLLAB only sells official merchandise. By exclusively selling authentic items that go through official channels, we are able to directly support the industry, artists and local Korean businesses. This also means we can guarantee the quality of our products and services. 

Our purchasing team follow strict criteria to ensure compliance with trading standards and regulations.


Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please send us a message through the contact us page, drop us an email, or get in contact with us via social media platforms.


Where do your online orders ship from?

All our online orders are shipped from a UK warehouse after being imported from Korea. We do not ship directly from the store.


Can I request to stock a product?

Feel free to message us across any of our social media accounts and our team will note down your requests and pass it onto our purchasing department. Please note that these requests are just suggestions and will not always be fulfilled as there are many factors that impact being able to import a product officially to the UK. 


If a limited edition item is out of stock, will it be restocked?

Unless there is a reprint due for that particular SKU, the majority of the time if it is limited edition then we are not able to restock it. 


Why should I sign up to the newsletter?

Signing up for our mailing list will give you access to exclusive news, discounts and offers online and in store!


Why should I sign up to the SOKOLLAB Academy loyalty scheme?

With the SOKOLLAB loyalty program, you can accumulate points through every purchase made in store and online which you can redeem later as discounts!

To join or find out more click here.


Do you include preorder benefits with albums?

Please be aware that not all of our preorder product listings come with preorder benefits. Kindly check the inclusions list in the product description to see if there are preorder, first press, or other benefits included. They will not be included unless stated.


How are posters sent out?

Posters are sent folded.  We do not currently ship in poster tubes.




Pre-Order FAQ

How does pre-ordering work at SOKOLLAB?

We will normally issue out a notice across our social media if a preorder is available for an album.

You can also check our website for new items and preorders here.

If your order contains multiple items we will normally only ship once all items are available to send.  You may want to place separate orders instead for preorder and non preorder items.


When will my pre-order be shipped out?

Your order will be shipped out as soon as it has reached our warehouse here in the UK and we have processed your order.

Please note that our warehouse and retail stores receive deliveries at different times.

If your order contains multiple items we will normally only ship once all items are available to send. You may want to place separate orders instead for preorder and non preorder items.

Each preorder listing has an estimated ship-out date from the UK warehouse (this date may be subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances) so keep an eye out for that date when pre-ordering with us.

For specific queries relating to your order, please refer to our contact us page. 




Physical Store FAQ

Where are your retail stores and when are they open?

Our flagship store is located in London and we have another branch located in Birmingham. Check out our store locations and operating hours for London and Birmingham.


What types of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major payment methods: Cash, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Please note that £50 notes are not accepted in store.


Can I pick up an online order in the store?

We do not offer this service in stores. 


Can I reserve an album to pick up in the store?

We currently do not offer this service.


How do I know what’s in stock?

Our physical store stock and online stock are different. You can follow us on social media as we post what we have new into the store on a weekly basis. We encourage our customers to contact our social media team across any platform for stock enquiries for each store location.


Can I purchase an album on release date in your store?

Please keep in mind that it takes us 2 to 2.5 weeks to import an album to our stores after it releases in Korea, assuming there are no issues. We regularly update our social media to show all newly received items across both our stores on our social media accounts.


Do my album purchases count towards the charts? 

Yes, our albums are reflected on Korean charts. SOKOLLAB purchases do not currently count for UK charts.


Are your stores dog friendly? 

We allow service dogs such as seeing/guide dogs.



Shipping & Delivery FAQ

Please refer to this page.




Returns, Refunds, & Cancellation FAQ

Please refer to this page.