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SF9 8th Mini Album 9LORYUS

SF9 8th Mini Album 9LORYUS

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SF9 8th Mini Album 9LORYUS

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Version Options:

  • Golden Chaser
  • Black Chaser

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SF9 8th Mini Album 9LORYUS Inclusions:

  • Hard Cover book
  • Photoband
  • Selfie Photocard
  • Concept Photocard


Album Track List:

  1. Summer Breeze (여름 향기가 날 춤추게 해; Yeoreum Hyanggiga Nal Chumchuge Hae)
  2. Into The Night (별을 따라; Byeoreul Ttara)
  3. OK Sign
  4. All Day All Night (비켜; Bikyeo)
  5. Go High (미친 것처럼; Michin Geotcheoreom)
  6. My Story, My Song


This album is SF9's 8th mini album release. It was released on 06/07/20 and features 6 tracks including the title track "Summer Breeze". The album is available in two variants: Golden Chaser version, and Black Chaser version.

SF9 9loryus Album
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