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With popular demand, we are pleased to announce that we are official suppliers of Talk to Me in Korean books in the UK. These books are stand alone and also complement/supplement the highly popular TTMIK online courses.

(Dates may be subject to change due flight changes from worldwide events/inbound customs delays)

* If your basket of orders includes PREORDER items, all items will be held until preorder is ready to ship.

TTMIK Blurb:

We picked most essential Korean phrases you need to know while traveling or living in Korea, and divided them into 20 different situations, which comes with detailed explanations about the phrase itself AND fun and useful information about the situation where the phrases are used in. Also, the tips here and there in the book we provide as the locals will help you better understand what is going on, what to do, and what not to do, whichever situation you are in.

For those who have a curious mind and want to communicate with the locals more actively, the book also provides quick guides to everything you need to know including how to read Hangeul, Korean numbers, how to ask a question, etc..

You can use this book as a reference book, pulling out from your purse or your bag whenever you want to know what to say in a certain situation, or you can study the phrases, sentence by sentence, situation by situation. Whichever way you choose to utilize this book, this book will save your day in Korea. Survival Korean to the rescue!

This book has been made in collaboration with Keith Kim from Be sure to check out for information on traveling and living in Korea!



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