ONF MY NAME 1st Full Album Version A RED
ONF MY NAME 1st Full Album Version B BLUE
ONF MY NAME 1st Full Album Version C PURPLE

ONF MY NAME 1st Full Album Version A/B/C

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* The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discolouration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning)

Pre order/first press benefits included only where available, and not guaranteed.

Dates may be subject to change due to flight changes from worldwide events/inbound customs delays.

* If your basket of orders includes PREORDER items, all items will be held until pre-order is ready to ship.

- Sleeve case  : 143 X 124 (mm)
- Jewel case : 142 X 124 (mm)
- CD-R
- BOOKLET : 142 X 123 (mm) / 72p (*varies with version)
- PHOTO CARD : 55 X 85 (mm) / random 3  out of 18p)
- MY NAME CARD : 85X55 (mm) / random 1p out of 6 p
- First-press poster: varies with version (*for first-press only)
- 1:1 SECRET VOICE TICKET : 50X110 (mm) / random 60p insert in the first-press amount (*for first-press only)
- [CODE NAME :B.B] SPECIAL EVENT CARD : 60X60 (mm) / 99p in first-press amount, 33p random insert in each version ( for first-press only )

* Details will be released in official fan café later on)

 ONF MY NAME 1st Full Album Infographic