SOKOLLAB Academy The Loyalty and Rewards Scheme for SOKOLLAB Customers



Q: What is the SOKOLLAB Loyalty Rewards Program?

A: The SOKOLLAB Loyalty Rewards Program is known as SOKOLLAB Academy. This free programs allow Members to earn one (1) points per £1 (GBP) spent in store and online on qualifying purchases. For every 100 points earned, Members can redeem a £1 reward towards your next purchase.

Customer Service

Q: How do I contact Customer Service?

A: Email help @ 

If you contact us via social media, please note that not all queries may be able to be answered on those platforms, so we recommend email as the best way to reach us for customer queries.



Q: Where can I sign up for the Loyalty Program?

A: You can become a member in store (ask a staff member) or join online here

If you have an existing SOKOLLAB account online, then you will already be a member of the program.

Q: Is the program free?

A: Yes, our loyalty program has no enrolment or annual fees.



Q: How do I earn SOKOLLAB points on a purchase?

A: For in-store purchases, simply provide the email tied to your Membership at the time of purchase. For online purchases, you must use the same email address that is registered to your Membership to earn points on purchases.  All qualifying items purchased and linked to your SOKOLLAB Academy Membership will earn points, which automatically posts to your Membership account. Any returns will result in a deduction of the related points from your Membership account.


Q: Are there any restrictions on my purchases qualifying for points?

A: Taxes, fees, donations, and services (including shipping, packaging, and delivery) do not qualify to earn points. Members also do not earn points for the amount of any coupon or discount applied to a purchase, or for any amount paid for using a gift card, merchandise credit, merchandise return card, or Reward certificate.

Q: What if I forget to add my Membership information at the time of purchase?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot earn points for a transaction after the time of purchase. In-Store transactions must be registered by providing your Membership email at the time of purchase. For online purchases, you must use the same email address that is registered to your Membership to earn points on purchases.


Q: How many points do I earn for each dollar spent?

A: Members earn 1 points per £1 sterling spent on qualifying items.


Q: How many points do I need to earn a Reward?

A: For every 100 points earned, you can redeem a £1 Reward. Rewards can be used on qualifying purchases at and in our SOKOLLAB store.


Q: How long does it take for points to post to my account?

A: Points will usually be posted to your account within one day from the date of purchase.


Q: Can you backdate points for my previous orders?

A: Sorry, any orders placed prior to the launch of the SOKOLLAB Academy loyalty scheme and without an associated account at the time with us, cannot have Points or Score retrospectively added to your account balance.

If you have made orders with us after the Loyalty scheme has begun but not placed those orders with your account, we are also not able to retrospectively add the Points/Score for those orders.


Q: Do points expire?

A: Points expire 24 months after earning them. Points have no monetary value.


Q: How will I know when I've earned Points?

A: You can log into your account and view your points and Fame Score balance.


Q: How do I redeem my Points?

A: On the SOKOLLAB Academy Pop up on the website, you can click Redeem Points to generate a discount code to be used at Checkout with us online.  If you are redeeming in store, you will need to mention your login email and show us ID for the account to redeem the Points.


Q: Can family members or friends use my Points?

A: No, Rewards are non-transferrable.



Q: What kind of emails can I expect to receive?

A: After you enrol, we'll send you transactional relationship emails regarding your Membership status. You may receive marketing emails with the latest news and promotions from the Program.


Q: What if I don't want to receive emails?

A: To stop receiving brand marketing and promotional emails, click unsubscribe at the bottom of any brand marketing email and enter the email address to be unsubscribed.


Q: How do I keep my membership active?

A: Your membership will stay active if you have transactions within a two-year period. If there have been no transactions in your account for a period of two years, your account will be considered inactive. Inactive accounts may be closed two years after the date of the last transaction in the account.


Q: How do I cancel my Membership?

A: To cancel a Membership, please contact us via help @ or speak to a member of staff in store to cancel.  Note: by cancelling your Membership, any unused points or unredeemed Rewards are forfeited, and you will not receive points and/or Rewards for future purchases at our brands unless you re-enrol.


Q: What about Loyalty Scheme Disputes?

A: If there is any dispute regarding the Loyalty Scheme, the decision from SOKOLLAB Limited will be considered final.  The SOKOLLAB Points and Fame Score have no monetary value.

SOKOLLAB Limited reserves in its sole discretion the right to remove earned SOKOLLAB Points or Fame Score from any Membership, as well as prevent from enrolling in, suspend, and/or remove from the Loyalty Program, any Member for any reason, including suspected re-sellers and/or wholesales, or in the event of any suspected fraud, abuse, or misuse in connection with this Program.

SOKOLLAB Limited reserves the right to change, suspend, or terminate the Program or any of its associated Terms (including terms regarding earning points and/or Rewards) at any time and in any manner with or without notice. Any subsequent Terms supersede prior versions. Any unused points or unredeemed Rewards are forfeited if Membership is cancelled, terminated or otherwise closed, or upon Program termination.

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