The Future of SOKOLLAB - Where do we go from here?

The Future of SOKOLLAB - Where do we go from here?

What’s next for SOKOLLAB?
When we first started SOKOLLAB, it was a passion project to see if we could bring Korean beauty and Kpop to London. We didn’t know if there would be sustained interest and how the reception would be.  After a lot of planning, we found a little kiosk in Soho with a six month lease, fitted it up over a few days and crossed our fingers for the launch.


We have been blown away by the response from our visitors and just so humbled to meet beauty and Kpop fans as well as those new to K-culture! We have worked with brilliant partners including Beauty and Seoul, Mask House, Melon & Starfish, and most recently Skinsider.  The experience has been thrilling for us as owners, although at times it has been a real rollercoaster.  We've had long days working on every aspect: from sourcing with suppliers, through to promoting, events planning and managing the store.



We're used to working to tight deadlines though!  The June BTS event we held at the larger Greek Street site next door, was planned from start to finish in a week and brought in 2000 visitors that weekend.  We were so proud that you all raised over £2500 for UNICEF and our team had so much fun hosting the event.



As we’ve drawn closer to the end of our six month timeline we’ve been asking ourselves where we go from here.


The doors really do close after September 28th.


However we are delighted to let you know that we will be appearing at several events in October, and our doors will REOPEN again in November at the same location!  The online store will remain active throughout but any store pickup activity will be paused for October.**


(**For those with preorders due for October pick up, we will let you know your October pick up point options or shipping alternatives.)


We can also reveal that plans are in motion to increase our store space... and bring you a new store concept.  We will have more details for you in the new year!


Thank you so much to all of you for your support.  Without you, we couldn't continue this amazing journey!


See you soon,
Joyce & Vicky


Sokollab 2019 Appearances:
Until Sat Sept 28th (inclusive): 59B Greek Street 
Sun Sept 29th: Store will be closed until November
Fri October 11th - Sun 13th: Sokollab Special Event weekend (details and location to be announced)
Sun October 20th: UK K-Pop competition at The Old Finsbury Town Hall, London
Sat October 26th: KBCE UK National Kpop Competition at Kingston Grammar School
Friday November 1st: SOKOLLAB comeback at 59B Greek Street (WE ARE OPEN!)
SOKOLLAB BTS Event Weekend 2019 at Greek Street London Kpop Beauty Store UK
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