SOKOLLAB's London Launch and Coffee with Maree Kinder, founder of Beauty and Seoul

SOKOLLAB's London Launch and Coffee with Maree Kinder, founder of Beauty and Seoul


We're gearing up to launch our London store in April, and our first collaborator will be Maree Kinder, Korean beauty expert and founder of Beauty and Seoul.  We took a quick coffee break to hear some of Maree's plans for SOKOLLAB.  Read on to find out more details about our launch!


SOKOLLAB: Hi Maree! We're so excited to have you as the first collaborator at SOKOLLAB.  How are preparations going for your launch with us?

MAREE: Busy! I’ve been really trying to ensure that the best range of our products will be showcased in the pop up shop and trying to think of more fun ideas to make it unique and a great place for all to visit!


SOKOLLAB: Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to partner with SOKOLLAB?

MAREE: I just absolutely loved the initiative and what they SOKOLLAB wanted to achieve! It’s about time we had a physical place where we could peruse and try out products in London! SOKOLLAB are as passionate as I am about bringing Korean skincare and culture to the UK so it was a no brainer for me - I knew I just had to be a part of it! As an adoptee, being Korean means so much to me and I am very proud to call myself Korean. With SOKOLLAB, I can bring this passion to a wider audience and that is so exciting.


SOKOLLAB: What are you most excited for your customers to see?

MAREE: The sheet mask wall! We will rotate sheet masks as and when new ones come in to keep the range fresh (there’s also an exciting new range of sheet masks coming out soon from one of my favourite brands and I can’t wait to showcase them!). I’ve also got a small collection of travel size skincare because for anyone that follows me on Instagram, they know I love a mini size product!


SOKOLLAB: Any surprises we can expect in store?

MAREE: I think the great part about SOKOLLAB is that we can use it as a test bed to really see what our customers want and try out new things! The SOKOLLAB team and I have been so excited about this project - it’s been a constant conversation of ‘ooo maybe we could do this!’ or ‘how about that!’ Personally, I am so excited we have Kpop in the store as well so that’s a new angle but I’m also planning a surprise for Beauty & Seoul’s 2nd birthday in April!

SOKOLLAB: Thanks Maree - we can't wait to see you at the launch!



When: Thursday 4th April at 12pm

Where: 59B Greek Street, London W1D 3DZ


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