Mask House is coming to SOKOLLAB London: April 13th!

Mask House is coming to SOKOLLAB London: April 13th!

We're excited to be partnering with MASK HOUSE beauty to bring even more brands to SOKOLLAB.  They're landing Saturday 13th April, so make sure to come and visit us for some exclusive in-store promotions!


Maskhouse launches G9SKIN at SOKOLLAB London

SOKOLLAB: Hi Mei ! We are counting the days until Mask House UK lands at SOKOLLAB.  We've been eyeing up the brand new masks from G9SKIN, Secret Key and more.  In fact we've been watching the brands closely ever since the K-Beauty Pop up at Westfield last year!  What surprises can we expect at SOKOLLAB?

MEI: Thank you for having us, we're very excited to be a part of SOKOLLAB.  The K Beauty Pop Up at Westfield was an amazing opportunity for our customers to meet us and the brands in person so we can't wait to bring our brands to our customers again!  

As for surprises... it's a surprise! hahaha only joking, not really a surprise but we will be showering our customers with freebies and gifts.  We are not only giving away free masks but full size products too, so the more you spend the more you receive!

SOKOLLAB: What part are you most excited about for the Mask House UK and SOKOLLAB partnership?

MEI: I am super excited about being able to bring Mask House UK and our products to the heart of London, where our customers who normally order online can actually come in store to SOKOLLAB to smell, touch and try the products before purchasing.  

One of the questions asked by most of our customers from the K Beauty Pop up at Westfield  was ... "Will you be coming to London now?"
At the time, the answer was "Keep your eyes peeled, you never know..."  BUT now,  the answer is SOKOLLAB!  Our customers are super excited about this too!

SOKOLLAB: Can you tell us some of the bestsellers to watch out for?

MEI: Oooo we have some many customer favourites and not to mention our Mask House Team favourites!  We love the Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland range, instead of using regular water, the water is also infused with Iceland moss extract which will soothe, nourish and moisturise the skin (whilst cleaning it!).  The bestseller from that range is the Peeling Cream (you have to come in store to see and try for yourself!)

Another bestseller is the G9Skin Grapefruit range, featuring a medley of vitamins and botanical ingredients which include Grapefruit extract, this range will slough away your dead skin cells revealing refreshed and radiant skin!  You'll also fall in love with the smell, come in store to give it a sniff!

SOKOLLAB: We have news that you will personally be visiting! We're excited to see you again.  Will you be talking about the 10 step and making personal recommendations?

MEI: Yes, apparently I have been crowned the 10 step K-beauty Queen since my specialty is the 10 step skincare routine!  Whilst I'm there to meet some of our customers, I am also there to recommend products.  So whether you are a K-beauty newbie or a K-beauty pro there will be something that I can recommend to add to your current skincare regime.  

I will also be offering a personalisation service where I can put together a skin care routine just for you and throughout I will be walking you through and explaining the different steps and why it is important.  

I always explain the routine in terms of an artist who is about to paint their next piece of art, which is why my motto is...

 "Your skin is like a blank canvas, it needs to be prepped properly before YOU can become a WORK OF ART...


Thanks Mei!

Mei will be joining us Saturday 13th April 11am - 4pm.
Pop in for your chat with the 10 Step K-Beauty queen and see the check out the new beauty brands and products landing at SOKOLLAB including Thank You Farmer, G9SKIN, Hyggee, Secret Key, A By Bom and more!


Thank You Farmer Back To Iceland Icelandic Moss Peeling Cream from Maskhouse at SOKOLLAB London KBeauty and Kpop Store

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