[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Get to know NOMAD! The freshest Korean R&B and Hip Hop boyband on the rise

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Get to know NOMAD! The freshest Korean R&B and Hip Hop boyband on the rise

Get to know NOMAD, the freshest Korean R&B and Hip Hop boyband on the rise


NOMAD, a K-R&B and Hip Hop group under Nomad Entertainment, is set to debut on February 28th, 2024. 

NOMAD (acronym for "Need Our Microphone And Dances") hopes to break into the music scene with dynamic performances that will captivate audiences around the world. NOMAD's versatility and musical spectrum are showcased through their four pre-released tracks, which include the songs 'Lights on', 'Automatic', 'Eye 2 Eye', and 'Oasis'. With their standout sound gaining traction online, they are already set to become a newcomer to watch out for this year.

One of the distinctive features of NOMAD's debut EP is the participation of leader DOY in the creative process, helping to create NOMAD’s sound across all their tracks. Through their collaborations with globally acclaimed producers DK, Jayrah Gibson, and Chacha Malone, who have produced for artists such as Dean, BTS, Usher and more, their debut album promises a fresh era of innovation in the world of Korean music.

In an exclusive debut interview with SOKOLLAB, NOMAD discuss their debut EP album, first impressions, their favourite artists, and their future goals.

Now, let's meet the five talented members behind NOMAD!

Hi NOMAD! Could you please introduce yourselves and your roles to our European readers/viewers?

DOY: Hi, European readers! I'm DOY, the leader and producer of NOMAD.

SANGHA: I'm NOMAD's oldest member Sangha! I have a charming voice and a friendly personality, so I act as a buffer between the members.

ONE: I'm ONE with a clean voice. I'm a passionate, ambitious person.

RIVR: It's RIVR with a metallic voice. I'm a soft person on the inside, even though I might look cold on the outside.

JUNHO: I'm the youngest Junho who wants to be the main vocalist. I bring a feeling of youth and innocence to the group. 


Firstly, we love how unique and impactful your group's name, ‘NOMAD’, is! Can you tell us what it means and how it ties into the concept of the group?

DOY: It is an abbreviation for “Need Our Microphone and Dances”, expressing NOMAD's musical confidence. It highlights our love for music and our unwillingness to be bound by societal norms.


When did your love for music start, and is there a particular artist or K-pop idol who inspired you to pursue a music career?

RIVR: I heard a Michael Jackson song by chance when I was in elementary school and was greatly moved. My dream started then and continued growing when I discovered Naul, an artist who is considered the best singer in Korea and whose music has greatly motivated me in my career. 

ONE: When I was in middle school, I was in a rock band and that's when my dream of becoming a musician began!

We’re all very excited for your debut in February! How are your preparations going, and what has been the most challenging part?

JUNHO: It was a little difficult to learn NOMAD's music and dance as well as the other members in a short period of time. However, I was able to come this far thanks to a lot of help from the members.

SANGHA: There's nothing difficult about it. We're all preparing hard as a team, so I'm looking forward to our performance!



You’ve taken a distinct approach with your pre-release, releasing multiple singles before your debut, and it’s been successful! With all the online buzz surrounding NOMAD, how have you guys responded to the attention you’re receiving? 

RIVR: I was confident in the quality of music, but I was also afraid because peoples’ impressions could be different. Fortunately, they were received very well which was a huge relief. There are more good songs prepared, so I hope you listen to them a lot in the future!

Could you tell us your first impressions of one another and share any memorable stories you have from the first time you met?

DOY (on SANGHA): During the process of picking members to form a team, I saw a picture of Sangha and contacted him to have a meeting. When I first met him, he looked prettier than I thought, so at first I thought he didn't match well with NOMAD's color. However, I decided to include him in the team because I thought he had a charm to change the mood of NOMAD.

SANGHA (on RIVR): He looked very cold when we first met in the accommodation! But now I know he is a warm-hearted man.

RIVR (on ONE): He looked very strong even though he was wearing elegant clothes. I felt like I would lose if I ever fought with him because he was so muscular.

ONE (on JUNHO): Four of us were living in the dorm together, and then Junho came. He seemed like a quiet person. I didn't notice at first, but at some point I met his eyes and I realized he was good looking.

JUNHO (on DOY): When I first met DOY, I was just 20 years old. At that time, DOY seemed very mature. I thought he was cool because he seemed like a person with clear ambitions and beliefs.

Have you considered coming up with a fandom name yet? If so, could you share some of your suggestions?

ONE: We are still thinking about it together. We want to hear the fans' opinions! It will be more meaningful if we decide it with the fans.


The Aaliyah sample in your first single ‘Lights On’ has attracted a lot of attention for NOMAD amongst R&B lovers. Can you tell us more about the musical influences that have shaped your sound?

DOY: Jarah Gibson initially created the track, inspired by the intro of Aaliyah's ‘More Than A Woman’. When I listened to the track, I felt boldness and confidence coming through, so I thought it matched well with NOMAD's identity. The lyrics, "If we sing and dance, everyone will take pictures of us," came to mind naturally, and we added a camera shutter sound to complete the concept of the song.


We’ve heard you're working with a globally renowned producer for your debut album. Can you share more details on this and how you have dealt with the pressure to create a unique sound for NOMAD?

DOY: I was more grateful than pressured. We made music by directly communicating with producers who have worked on many global artists' songs. Thanks to this, I learned more techniques in music production and, above all, I really enjoyed the process. It was a great opportunity to raise the confidence and expectation that we could put out good songs. I would like to thank the executive producer DK and various producers once again for creating this opportunity.

What do you believe sets NOMAD apart from other groups, and where do you envision yourselves a year from now?

SANGHA: Confidence in making music. We already have a lot of music ready because we are a team that makes music on its own. We were able to pre-release five tracks before our debut to demonstrate this. Through this effort, NOMAD wants to start a new wave in the Korean music industry.

Before we wrap up, we want to leave our readers with something exclusive! Please give us any hints or spoilers about the songs you’re debuting with. Can you share the genres or the concept you’re going for?

JUNHO: The first title song ‘No Pressure’ is a mixture of hip-hop and R&B. It's a song that contains the story of how we worked hard to debut with the members. It highlights the message that, "In the end, there is learning in everything, so you have to endure adversity to become a shining diamond no matter what the hard work is."

ONE: The second title song ‘California Love’ revolves around the theme of love amongst Gen Z, portraying a passionate love that is felt instantly without hesitation, much like the intense sunshine of California. This song encapsulates a dazzling and sensual love story, with acoustic guitar and vocals tightly intertwined with a trap beat, it delivers an addictive listening experience.


Lastly, could you share a message with our European readers who are interested in becoming NOMAD fans?

DOY: Dear European readers, thank you for your interest in NOMAD! We are confident about the songs we made and we will not disappoint you. I hope you listen and enjoy it. Please look forward to our debut songs, ‘No pressure’ and ‘California Love’ and our other pre-release songs. We hope to show you a good performance in Europe soon!


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