[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Xdinary Heroes Discuss Their Europe Tour, Their Fourth EP 'Livelock', And Their Favourite 2023 Memories

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Xdinary Heroes Discuss Their Europe Tour, Their Fourth EP 'Livelock', And Their Favourite 2023 Memories

With four EPs under their belt, Xdinary Heroes have already set an exceptionally high bar for themselves. The six-piece Korean rock band, comprising band members Gun-il, Jungsu, Gaon, O.de, Jun Han and Jooyeon, made their debut in December 2021 under JYP Entertainment. In this interview, SOKOLLAB talks with the band about their Europe tour, their fourth EP ‘Livelock’ and their favourite 2023 memory.

On October 11, Xdinary Heroes released their anticipated fourth mini-album, Livelock. Furthermore, six of the seven songs on this album were composed by all members of the band, giving the band's music a distinctive and eclectic feel, while also showcasing their creativity and originality. Their title track, 'Break the Brake’ is an empowering rock song that inspires listeners to embrace who they truly are and pursue what they desire. With the release of this album, Xdinary Heroes announced they would embark on a world tour called ‘Break The Brake', taking their career to the next level.

As Xdinary Heroes make their first appearance on a global stage in Europe, they follow in the footsteps of their world-renowned labelmates under JYP. In November, the six-member band will perform in six European cities: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, and Warsaw. In the process of fulfilling their bigger dreams, the band's slogan, 'We are all heroes', serves as a motivating reminder that we can all accomplish great things.

Xdinary Heroes performed an electrifying cover of Queen's 'We Will Rock You' at Korea On Stage in London last week, further cementing their status as one of the hottest bands to keep an eye on. If you missed their London performances, then it's not too late - they're still touring Europe over the course of November so get your tickets here!

Read on to find out what Xdinary Heroes had to say to us.

Congratulations on the release of your fourth mini album, Livelock! Does this album have any themes or narratives that connect to your previous album, Deadlock?

Gun-il: Thank you! This album has a theme of confronting your inner-self, which connects with our previous album.

With your title track, Break the Brake, you convey a powerful message about overcoming limitations and pursuing what you want. As a band, what are your aspirations and goals?

Jun Han: Our goal as a band is to become a team that clearly evokes, 'This is unquestionably the unique style that only this band has.’

Jooyeon: We aim to become the world's best band, earning recognition from all musicians!!

It was amazing to learn that almost all the tracks in Livelock were written and composed by Xdinary Heroes. What musical influences did you have in mind while creating this album?

Jun Han: After working on this album, I reflected extensively, and the word that fits the keyword ‘growth’ is individuality. Contemplating good music and melodies is crucial, but without one’s confidence and distinctiveness, I believe great things won't happen.

What are some of your favourite lyrics from this album?

Jungsu: I love the lyrics from our song 'Paranoid': "Believe in me just the way I am." I'm attached to this phrase because it reflects my true emotions. It's good to be dressed up pretty, but I want people to love me and believe in me just for who I am. 

O.de: I also really like the lyrics from 'Paranoid' - "Think I have lost all of my mind, please leave me alone now." It’s my all-time favorite song that provided me with a lot of comfort.

There is no doubt that your performance at Korea on Stage in London generated a lot of interest. For someone who is just getting into your music, can you recommend a song from your discography that embodies the signature Xdinary Heroes sound?

Jungsu: I would recommend 'Happy Death Day'. It marked the beginning of Xdinary Heroes and shows our uniqueness and playful charm.

Gaon: We strive to infuse our unique color into every song. Without being confined to any specific genre or fixed thoughts, we believe our distinctiveness comes from how we fuse everything we want to express into our music. If you listen to every track from all of our albums, you won't find it boring.

In your special stage for Korea on Stage in London, you covered We Will Rock You by Queen. If you had the chance to collaborate with one British artist, past or present, who would you choose?

Gun-il: MUSE has always been my role model. If there is a chance, it would be a dream-come-true moment for me to be an opener for MUSE’s headliner tour or maybe even collaborate with them.

Gaon: I want to collaborate with an artist called ‘YUNGBLUD’ from the UK. We've learned a lot from him, and there seems to be some musical overlap as well. So I believe we can make fun music if we collaborate.

Following your performance at Korea On Stage in London, Xdinary Heroes will embark on their first Europe tour. Is there a particular song you are looking forward to performing?

Gaon: I'm looking forward to performing 'Freakin' Bad' the most because it's an easy song to sing along to. It's a song that can show the true energy of Xdinary Heroes.

Jooyeon: I'm excited about 'PLUTO.' Our goal is to attract the audience with the energy and dreamy atmosphere the song has.

It's great to see so many European Villains organising support projects for the upcoming tour. Which fan projects have been most memorable for you so far?

O.de: Everything they did -Villains' slogan event, cheers, singing along during our performance and shouts are all so heartwarming and appreciated.

People have often said that Xdinary Heroes' songs would make perfect anime intros or outros, and we agree. If given the chance, what anime would you like to be on the soundtrack for?

Jun Han: There is a Korean animated film called ‘Swimming to Sea (Padak)’, and it creates a sense of overwhelming tension. Like that, I'd like to try creating music with a tense mood. 

Jooyeon: I want to create a soundtrack for Studio Ghibli or a sports-related animation.

With 2023 drawing to a close, what's been your favourite memory as a group this year?

Gun-il: Being on the first tour right now is by far my favorite memory as a group. Other than that, every single moment shared as a team is precious to me. 

Jungsu: Even though we're still there, our first world tour is the most memorable for me. We started with it from Korea, and they were significant in my musical journey. I believe that the Europe tour ahead will give me the opportunity to learn and experience a variety of things.

O.de: Being able to make music as a band called Xdinary Heroes, perform on various stages, and go on tours under our name are moments that we are just incredibly grateful for. 

Could you share with us some final words for our readers?

Gun-il: Thank you for spending your time reading about Xdinary Heroes. Thanks to your love and support we were able to grow and achieve many things in just two years since our debut. Please continue supporting us as we will continue to grow and make truthful music. Lastly, I hope all of you who read this will have a wonderful day. Thank you.

Jungsu: I’m so happy to have such a good opportunity to have an interview this time. We'll work hard on making music, and will show you great music and performances, so please look forward to it and show lots of support. Thank you!

Gaon: Hello readers! Please support Xdinary Heroes, who are always exploring new musical colors! We will sing with all our hearts and share laughter and tears with the audience! Thank you!

O.de: Hi guys! We're happy to share our story through SOKOLLAB. Please give interest and support for our future endeavors. Thank you!

Jun Han: Thank you for listening to our story. We hope these little details and information about us were interesting to you. Thank you!

Jooyeon: Please keep your eyes on Xdinary Heroes’ journey to become the world’s greatest band!! Please look forward to it!

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