[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] SOKOLLAB gets candid with Rising Star Gina De Bosschere

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] SOKOLLAB gets candid with Rising Star Gina De Bosschere

Gina De Bosschere is a singer on the rise, and at the age of fourteen already has three (soon to be four) singles released under the Gina De Bosschere name, and two more released under the moniker ‘lil g’. Her appearance on a K-pop competition show this year brought her firmly into the spotlight, where she gained many fans thanks to her excellent performance skills and the confidence she exudes on and off stage. In our exclusive interview with her, SOKOLLAB discovers more about her newest single and MV, her relationship with Europe and European music, and her future career plans!


As a half-French, half-Korean artist, Gina is uniquely placed to bridge the gap between European fans and K-pop. SOKOLLAB is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with her on events at our stores in London and Amsterdam, giving her European fans an opportunity to meet her in person! We can’t wait to see how Gina continues to grow as an artist, make sure to keep an eye out for her new single and MV ‘I.M. PERFECT’, which will be released on Friday the 16th of November at 11PM GMT. Read on to learn more exclusive details on her release, and follow @sokollabeu or @sokollabnl for more details on the in-store events we have planned!

 Gina De Bosschere talks about music, animals and facing your fears in our exclusive SOKOLLAB Interview

Firstly, congratulations on the upcoming release of your fourth MV tomorrow! Can you give us a hint as to the concept of the new song? Where did you find your inspiration from, and what sets it apart from your past work?


Thank you so much! I am thrilled to share my latest song, where I've tried to show yet another style of myself. The concept I went for is a more hip-hop & rap featuring fast beats. My musical inspiration is from Saint Levant who is known to be an artist with diverse cultural vibes. In writing lyrics, I got inspiration from my amazing fandom family, DeWolves! They recommended to incorporate dance in my music video. I believe this song would not only show another side of me but also be perfect for dancing. I can't wait to unveil it all to you, so stay tuned for the big reveal! Thank you!


We love that you take your fan’s recommendations into consideration, and can’t wait to see the choreo on Friday!


Your music so far has been powerful in its message of promoting independence and individual strength, and you do a great job at projecting that strength and confidence in your MVs. What advice would you give to your fans who are looking to grow their self confidence?


We only live once! In around 300 years, no one will remember our existence. Therefore, there is no need to fear or worry about what others would think of us. I remind myself of this every time I get nervous before a performance, speaking in front of a crowd, or even just approaching someone in a store for assistance. Before stepping onto a stage or into a competition, I used to say to myself "Life ends." It might seem silly but every time I noticed my peers getting nervous, l'd just say the same to them. By this, I would mean that we don't have to get fear of doing something and should just do it because as tiny creatures as we are in the vast universe, there is no reason to worry too much about other people's judgement. For me, the biggest enemy is not the judgement of others but my own internal struggles, especially the frustration that sometimes arises from pursuing perfection because I can never achieve that. Through my latest song, I finally share my conclusion that I start liking myself, as imperfect as I am. I've realised that the concepts of perfection and imperfection are pretty much subjective and depend on each one's perspectives. So always just remember, "Life ends!" and we don't have to be afraid of living our life as we want.


That’s great advice! I’ll make sure to remember the phrase ‘Life ends’ next time I feel nervous.


As a trainee, you became very close to your fellow trainee Yuna, who will be featuring in your newest MV! How did working together on this song change your relationship?


It all started with making cute little TikToks and having sleepovers at each other's houses. We were already close during the show but we got even closer once back to America in July because we live pretty close to each other. We naturally started hanging out and doing a lot of things together like taking dance classes at The Play Ground LA and going to the mall to shop, etc. I wrote this song in the end of August and I finalised it with my producer Kevin Cho in September. Since I like her so much and I could feel our great synergy, I asked Yuna if she would like to collab with me for one of my songs and she happily accepted. I believed Yuna would add an extra layer of beauty to my song and music video because she has such a nice rapping voice and is a good dancer. We recorded the song in America, and in October, we went to Korea to shoot the music video. We both stayed at my grandma's and shared my room together for almost 3 weeks! We literally lived together for weeks! That made us and our parents much closer and we know each other so well now. I love her!


It’s such a blessing to have friends who feel like family, and we can’t wait to see how that synergy shows on camera and in your music!


You have a toy poodle called Coco, could you tell us a little bit more about her and how she inspires you in your life and work?


I've always loved animals. I wanted a toy poodle because they're small, smart, and they don't shed! My brother and I begged my parents to get a dog for years! After so much persistence, my parents set a challenge called Puppy Challenge". The deal was that we could get a dog at the end of the year if both my brother and I achieved all the goals set at the beginning of the year. The goals were about not fighting each other, getting good grades at school, keeping my room tidy, etc. It took us 3 years to complete this Puppy Challenge successfully and we welcomed Coco into our family in February, 2020. Coco is now almost 4 years old and she reminds me of those hard working days. We loved her so much that my brother, Alex, released a song titled "Coco" in 2021. After this song, I was writing another one called "Coco II" which I could never finish because I joined a Korean label soon after.

Gina De Bosschere's cute Coco 

I love that story, and anyone with siblings will understand how difficult those goals are to achieve, I’m impressed it only took three years! I hope one day you can finish ‘Coco II’, we’d love to hear it.


Have you been to Europe before? If so, what is your favourite memory from here, and what would you most look forward to seeing on your next trip here?


Yes, I have! I'm half French, so I have family in Europe, and before the pandemic, I used to visit them every year. My favourite memory is from a horse riding camp in France. You might not know this about me but I LOVE HORSES SO MUCH and when I used to visit France, I would attend the horse riding camp! I could ride many different horses, but the one that stands out the most is the first horse I got assigned: her name was "IsNoGood". It might sound very funny in English, but apparently it's a pretty famous comic book character in France! When I first heard this name, I laughed out loud not realising the character's popularity and everyone gave me the weirdest look. Horse riding camp remains definitely my favourite memory in Europe.


IsNoGood is definitely a funny name in English! Thank you for sharing that story with us of your precious memories.


If you could collaborate with any European musician, who would it be and why?


Dua Lipa and KSI! I love Dua Lipa's music because it makes me want to dance. Her confidence is incredibly appealing. KSI has a powerful and stable voice. I listen to his music, especially ‘Domain’ whenever I need an extra boost of energy.


Great choices, we’re rooting for you to collaborate with them one day!


How do you feel you have grown and changed as an artist since debuting as Gina De Bosschere a few months ago?


At this point, I hesitate to label myself as an artist. My journey involves exploring music and connecting with the audience through social media while trying to be better in what I am doing now. Some may recommend that I should stick to one genre. However, for now, I would like to follow the path guided by my feeling and inspiration. I am happy to show my true self to the audience. I hope that my DeWolves family witnesses my growth as an artist over time. Making songs and music videos is complex work. It has taught me the importance of effective communication with people. In this process, I am learning to be more generous in self-judgement, recognizing that there will always be those who will appreciate or critique my work and style. Feeling more peaceful about the critiques, I can feel that I am growing.


That’s a very healthy and mature mindset to have, and we’re also excited to see how you continue to grow and change as an artist!


Ultimately, what are your goals for your music and for yourself as an artist? Where do you envision yourself being in five or ten years?


For the moment I am not thinking too much about my distant future. My focus is on my current projects. I haven't set a specific goal yet. If I come across a reputable label that can help me grow as an artist, I might want to sign a contract for additional training and/or potential debuting. On the other hand, I am also inclined to continue enjoying my own creation. For now, I don't have a concrete plan. What I do know is that I'll be at peace and enjoy whatever path I choose. That is the vision I have for my near future.


I love that you said you will ‘be at peace and enjoy whatever path you choose’, because if you can enjoy the journey then you will truly be at peace whatever destination you reach. We’re very glad to be a part of your journey, and look forward to meeting you next month!

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