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SF9 6th Mini Album Narcissus

SF9 6th Mini Album Narcissus

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SF9 6th Mini Album Narcissus

1 of 2 Versions

Version Options:

  • Temptation Version
  • Emptiness Version

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SF9 6th Mini Album Narcissus Inclusions:

  • CD(Random ver.)

  • Booklet(72p)

  • Folded Poster(Random 1 out of 9)

  • Selfie Photocard(Random 1 out of 9)

  • Concept Photocard(Random 1 out of 9)

Album Track List:

  1. Enough (예뻐지지 마; Yeppeojiji Ma)

  2. Play Hard (화끈하게; Hwakkeunhage)

  3. Heartbeat (하필; Hapil)

  4. Life Is So Beautiful

  5. Fall In Love

  6. The Beat Goes On (무중력; Mujungryeok)

This album is available in two variations. Temptation version, and Emptiness version. The mini-album features 6 tracks including the title track "Enough". Member Zu Ho is not seen in the dance scenes in the Enough music video due to a lower back injury. This album was released on 20/02/19.


SF9 Narcissus Temptation Emptiness

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